(Electronics Voice Phenomena)

recordings of non-Earth beings

by Richard L. Smith, author, Paranormal Investigator, webmaster

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Mainstream science is known for being slow to accept new concepts, and of course, absolute proof is the backbone of science. So it is understandably difficult for formal science researchers to take new theory and set out to prove something that flys in the face of accepted physics. Also there is the problem of motivation and budgeting. Scientists have to make a living too, and it's understandable that a scientist may want only the most credible studies listed on their resume when applying for positions in high level institutional, governmental, and industrial research.

The wonderful thing about human nature, however, is that our adventuresome and curious minds will not stand for ignoring such an obvious and documentable phenomenon. And that attitude extends to an occasional educated and gifted scientific mind whose priorities are not etched in the stone faced skepticism and indifference of rank and file science. Thank goodness for such mavericks in the scientific community. Indeed, notable work, albeit it on the sidelines and somewhat out of sight, is being done on the study of EVP and the spiritual realm that includes such novel experiences as electronics voice phenomena.

As a matter of fact, at the beginning of the last century, Thomas Edison, Marconi, and Nikola Tesla, inventors and genius innovators of electricity and electronics communication, spent many of their last years trying desperately to prove their own theories which implied that communication with other dimensions and spiritual planes would be possible through technology.

Documentation of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) study began in earnest in the mid 20th century. It soon became clear that the issue was not of proving the existence of actual EVP (thousands upon thousands of recorded voices of unknown source were quickly accumulated), but the burden of explaining its source within the parameters of physics would prove to be the difficulty at hand.

In 1959, Russian born Sir Friedrich Jurgenson, an artist and film producer, recorded his deceased mothers voice on a reel to reel recorder while at his estate in Sweden. He went on to record thousands of discarnate voices and is usually regarded as the “father of EVP.” Dr Hans Bender, heading a team of researchers at the University of Freiburg, Germany, made a thorough study of Jurgenson's tapes, even using voice print analysis, and concluded the voices had an unknown paranormal source.

By 1965, a well known Latvian psychologist, a graduate of Edinburgh University and author of six books, Dr Konstantin Raudive, had developed an intense interest in physical forms of mediumship. After meeting Jurgenson, Raudive set up his own research facility in Germany, and enlisted the assistance of Friedebert Karger, research physicist at the Max Planck Institute in Munich.

With the addition of engineers to his staff, Raudive was successful in eventually recording more than 100,000 discarnate voices. In 1968, Raudive published his first book on the subject of the voice phenomenon “The Inaudible Becomes Audible." Amazingly, Konstantin Raudive told his associates that he would continue his EVP studies after his death, and his voice was indeed subsequently recorded and identified by those associates after his death!