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Jesse Ventura

"There is much more to being a patriot and a citizen than reciting the pledge or raising a flag".

Alex Jones

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is the REAL world...

You just can't make this stuff up!"


David Icke


"Alternative news analysts" How does that sound?

It's time we gave them some respect!!

article by Richard L. Smith

Quite frankly, after years and years of putting up with outright lies by politicians and the News Media, I think it's time we started giving credit to those who have gone public with their views and spoken out against the witholding of facts, the distortions, and the lies put forth in our TV news reports and all media who subscribe to a rhetoric that is fed to them by establishment politics and corporate interests.

In this website I am going to start following the "other" reports by those who were previously referred to as "Conspiracy Theorists". I will from now on refer to them as "Alternative News Analysts" and will follow their projects, such as the 911 conspiracy, and many others. I believe there are many folks who are on the "cutting edge" of such controversial issues, and I for one will now step forward and do what I can to help them spread the word for any responsible cause which is not receiving a fair shake in the news.

Furthermore, I welcome the readers of this site to feel free to contact me and point out news or articles (and their sources) which appear to have directed propaganda towards us, the American public, and I encourage all to watch for articles or news which seem to have the purpose of misdirecting our attention or causing us to misinterpret any news report.


Some time ago, Jesse Ventura appeared on the Piers Morgan Television show. Morgan can be a gracious host when he wants, but much of the time he exhibits exactly the biased sort of crap that I am ranting about here. Morgan is very much overly concerned with his own importance and habitually decides what his opinions on issues are before talking with his guests, and refuses to give any consideration to his guests that does not agree with his own presumptions.

In his previous interview Morgan had attacked Ventura with a vengence, often speaking out of turn and presenting obviously twisted interpretations of Ventura's views. It was entirely obvious to all but himself that Morgan knew nothing at all of the studies referenced by Ventura. I was surprised to see Jesse return for another bout with Morgan, but of course I was foolish for underestimating Ventura as we all know that he has enough courage for any 10 men.

Apparently Jesse was better prepared for this interview. He calmly presented his side of arguments as he always does. Later Morgan ignorantly referred to Ventura's presentation as that of a "crackpot". At that point, Ventura retorted to Morgan "That's your opinion..." whereupon Ventura turned to the studio audience and asked “How many people here think I make crackpot points?” Only one person put up a hand. Then Jesse asks "How many think I make sensible points?" The audience cheered and clapped their hands, Ventura turned to Morgan and replied "You're in the minority my good friend".

My experience has shown that although so called "conspiracy theory" is usually presented with considerable appearance of overkill at first, nevertheless issues always appear later as a result of some detail that was neglected to some extent as a sacrifice for the expedience of moving the issue along to a quick resolution. That "expedience" can usually be described as satisfactory to certain "interests"and always these small details can be trailed over time and shown to cast suspicion on what may have been a hasty conclusion with a controlled destination.

So we will watch our "Alternative News Analysts" and start bringing issues forward on this site...stay tuned.

Richard L. Smith, InterDimension Commuications, LLC


featuring most popular conspiracy theorys

corporate control, and the NWO (New World Order)

see video below-Aaron Russo-"his dying wish"

A startling expose'

Overpopulation-Our Greatest Enemy

see "photo commentary" below


I don't know about everyone else. but I am sick of getting ripped off by marketing lies, deceit and just outright scamming. It seems these days that no one can offer a product without cheating in some way. It hasn't been that long ago that packaging at the grocery had clear windows so you could see the product...Our government now allows corporate theft at our expense

It hasn't been that long ago that packaging at the grocery had clear windows so you could see the product...Our government now allows corporate theft at our expense ....Rich

ARTICLES AND COMMENTARY by Patricia Stockman-Beatty

Pat spent 44 years in service to OSID in the investigation of alien intervention while also acting as a detente banker for presidents of countries. She spent 22 years as deputy director of Economic Recovery Agency (ca 1924 Munich based on Economic Recovery Act, 1981, authored by David Stockman & Gene Sherman)

NEXUS Think Tank

Disclosure notes from one of the last remaining members of OSID NEXUS "Think Tank"

Females in Time

If you could go back in time...

articles by Patricia Stockman-Beatty

Reticulated Responce and Discovery

how "cryptograms" can tap into universal communications

Blindsided Believers

on religion...

articles by Patricia Stockman-Beatty


SMART METERS SUCK !- They are coming to your home and your family could be in danger because of it! **READ THIS NOW!**







WORLD WAR lll is coming SOON...here is why!!
Aaron Russo-his dying wish

Beware the kernel of truth-above video

Our fat cats of wall street, banking institutions, and corporate monopolies, etc., have had their share of backlash in the last couple of years. But as we digest the meaning of our own issues in the US, we should be aware that one of the things we can't physically experience up close and personal (due to media control) is what the street folks are thinking in foreign lands about our country's actions.

The above video, although inflammatory towards capitalism, should be viewed with the possibility that there may be a kernel of truth to it. If for no other reason than to understand world wide propaganda towards the US, we should view these types of films and rhetoric, for it is what the other side of the world sees.


Aaron Russo-his dying wish-above video

In an historic final interview, filmmaker and music promoter Aaron Russo goes in depth on the powerful insider-knowledge given to him by a member of the Rockefeller family.

This is a compelling, insightful interview by Alex Jones that reveals some of the deepest and darkest secrets of the corrupt US political and banking system, and shows how it extends it's tentacles down the line and right into your homes and pocketbooks.

This is not some crackpot ranting on youtube. If you consider yourself a patriotic American, and you are afraid or too lazy to view this film, then YOU are a part of the huge problems this country faces today.

I guarantee you will be glad you took the time to expand your knowledge in this area. Do it NOW!

GM CHEVY core business goes to CHINA

The info in this short video is astonishing considering the fact that the average Joe in the US knows nothing at all about this. And of course our illustrious POTUS sticks out of the curtain behind this stage and many wall street cronies made billions off the GM bailout which now benefits CHINA!. Disgusting, and only a part of the whole ongoing mess...

YOU MUST SEE this short video NOW! http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=Lvl5Gan69Wo


Welcome to the new Military-Industrial Complex

(HAARP, Agenda 21, and GOOGLE's new sinister role)


from an interview on Rense.com


A Former CIA OFFICER with graduate degrees, and experience as a Marine Infantry and Intelligence Officer, who has also worked with satelite imagery intel, and code and electronic signal acquisition, offers a clear insight into the "out of control" state of affairs of our government.

And more importantly, he offers real solutions as to how the people can regain control of this country and restore politics to a government which adheres to the Constitution and exists and operates for the benefit of it's citizenry, and not for an elite establishment which literally steals the fruits of the common mans labors.

Take only a few minutes of your time to listen to his suggestions, and think about what you can do to contribute to the effort....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKlKGB3YwjE


Are our troops getting the best medical care?

As a veteran, I can personally attest to the rampant malpractice in past decades amongst certain medical practitioners in the armed forces. Having served during the Vietnam War, I remember that it was common practice among the troops to pass along to each other their experiences at the local sick bay and hospital. Each of us would then be sure to learn where the individuals named were located at those facilities so we could avoid them. The lower enlisted troops were always reluctant to file any grievances because nurses and doctors often held high rank and it was next to impossible to win in any confrontation.

I am indeed fortunate to be in a location now which has probably the newest and best VA hospital in the country...and that only because the huge hospital and medical training facility bears the name of Michael DeBakey, famed heart surgeon, WWII Veteran, and receiver of the Presidential Medal of Freedom...This Houston VA Hospital is praised as a "poster child" VA facility of this age. So far, in my case, I have personally observed nothing but the best of effecient organization, cheerful and respectful treatment of vets by staff, and dedication to medical standards and treatment.

However, lurking behind the cover that hides traditions of ugliness commonly prevailing in many aspects of military service, lies the notion that enlisted service men and women are expendable, and cover ups are the first order of the day when a senior officer or enlisted NCO are caught with their guard down. Base hospitals are the worst of all, and secondary units and small hospitals as mentioned in this film frequently hide secrets that compare their practices to dungeon-like mental facilities of an earlier age.

The following video speaks of just one of the victims of a callous attitude all too common among politicians and higher military officials. What you will see here is a crime...nothing less, and a shameful, disgusting commentary on this country.

Watch this...if your stomach can take it...
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/NEl7GT96x6M" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


How to run the Gummint or a big corporation
Photo Commentary






Above sign posted at Area 51-do you think all they are hiding is routine aircraft research and testing ?

(above) Clearly an Alien body shown on Egyptian artwork. Why don't we hear more about these things?

(above) Looks like we did something right here in the US. Better watch our backs...they are already submitting legislation to squash our internet freedoms...


Don't miss Rich's article

(above) Is this what it's come to? Unless you are a youngster, you have seen the planets population grow at an unbelievable rate. NOW WHAT? What do you think is going to happen with 7.5 billion people, and still growing? Think maybe it will just slow down on it's own? Or maybe the government will think of something?

Be careful what you wish for...

Got it yet?

GESTAPO TACTICS-our "default" position for the 21st century

OK, now here's a good one. I'll never forget the morning when I opened up the BBC news on the internet and felt all pride in my country melt to the floor. Right there for damn near everyone in the world to witness, in the land of the free and the home of the brave, was a photo of a goddamn jackbooted, helmeted, dressed for war stooge pointing an AK47 in the face of a terrified small boy held in the arms of a similarly terrified unarmed man...both hiding in a closet.

It seems we had Atty. Gen. Janet Reno at the controls that day (the boy, Elian Gonzales, was deported to Cuba in June, 2000) and we had her responsible again for the infamous Waco ,Texas Branch Davidian massacre (.April 19, 1993)

Oh, and what about the FBI and ATF killings at Ruby Ridge? Can the "Law Enforcement agencies" justify the killing of a family pet, a small boy, and a mother inside a house holding an infant child , reportedly all because one man refused to be an informant for the federal government?

Hang in there, I'm getting to the point folks. In my quiet, small town of Alvin, Texas, just last year, police and jackbooted, helmeted thugs drove a SWAT vehicle thru the front of a man's home while "serving" a search warrant on an unarmed man. (Huh? Gee whiz...I thought they used to have a constable come round in the evening after work to do those things..) And what, pray tell, was the man's crime? Why, he had failed to appear on a court date. His reason for not appearing or opening his door? He is mentally ill. Yes, that's correct, the term is "ill" (you know, that word that usually means "sickness") So did they then send him to a hospital? Later, he told me that they kept him in jail for six months. Oh yes, that'll teach him to catch a "mental illness" won't it?

The answer of course is no, he will likely repeat some act to excite the SWAT team because now he has a record, and he's still ill, and can't understand what happened or why. Last I heard, his modest house was for sale, he has little chance without major help.

How did this SWAT thing get started? It never seemed like it belonged in America anyway except possibly in the case of full blown terrorist attacks. How often do you read of "mistaken" home invasions by police? Quite a bit too much I say.

Bottom line...my theory is that we have long since passed the point where we have the ability as humans to manage the large populations of the world , or even the US.

We are not perfect, you know. Only the Divine can make that claim. And we are a damn long sight away from being capable of managing our own complex civil affairs in this overcrowded world.

"Let's be friends so I can eat you"

Some say this is the answer. But whatever the answer, it's going to get much worse before it gets better. Get ready friends.


Was Mary Magdalene murdered?

Was Mary Magdalene murdered? Did the Catholic Church conspire to eradicate the Holy Bloodline from existence?

To some, Mary Magdalene was the wife or consort of Jesus Christ. The infamous Da Vinci Code has firmly placed this idea into the popular arena along with the idea of a Holy Bloodline descended from Jesus and Mary.

In this unique film we journey to places never before researched in connection with this story. We venture into the heart of ancient Lincoln, England, and uncover a tale so mysterious, so at odds with the accepted norm, that we are forced to question everything we previously held to be true. We track down unknown texts, journey on a treasure hunt across Lincoln county and discover the final resting place of Mary Magdalene herself.

FREE FULL LENGTH MOVIE..."The Murder of Mary Magdalene" (1 hr 52 min)


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