"He's going blind!"

by Richard L. Smith

Webmaster, Author, Paranormal Investigator

A true story of how a spirit warned me of a serious eye condition that leads to blindness!-Rich

Oct 2012- I follow many different protocols when seeking communication with the spirit world through EVP techniques, and these techniques vary considerably according to my particular target or goal for the success of the contact requirements of the moment.

One of these very simple techniques I refer to as "eavesdropping". No big secret here, this one is a just a simple attempt to listen in on spirit conversations amongst each other. While doing this, we do not speak to the spirits and attempt to act as if our recorders are not in recording mode. Believe it or not, this often works and can result in our gaining information that may have otherwise been withheld. Sometimes, after finishing an EVP session on investigation, I will note verbally the end of that session while making a show of shutting off the recorder, and then as I look down at the recorder I will push the button "off" and immediately push it back "on" again without even telling my associates what I am doing.

One summer afternoon in 2006, I was driving down the Gulf Freeway in Houston and noted the Cemetery coming up where my Father was buried in 1997. I decided to pull in and make a quick visit to the gravesite, pay my respects and check the site to see if all was being kept up properly and such.

It had always been my habit to have a recorder in my pocket recording my visits to the cemetery. On several occasions I had received some very interesting comments by spirits there, some of which indicated that they have an ability to see or somehow discern what may be concealed in ones pockets or clothing. On one such trip, a female voice remarked (as if speaking to another spirit) "He's wearing a cross". Indeed, I was at that moment wearing a brand new silver chain with a silver cross medalion. On another occasion, again a female spirit was heard to say "He's carrying a gun!". I do, as a matter of fact, always carry a concealed handgun on my person as I have been licensed to do so since 1997.

So, here I am once again in the same cemetery with my recorder operating as usual. However, this episode of recording was to produce a very different and startling result.

Later in my car after the visit, I replayed the recording and heard again that same female voice as she stated this time with a surprised voice; "He's going Blind!"

Wow...I felt a real twinge in my stomach at that message, and my mind immediately began to search for an explanation, hopefully one that would let me off the hook.

The next day I made an appointment at the VA Hospital Eye clinic, and approximately two weeks later I was sitting in the exam chair at the clinic. The doctor did find some issues to discuss, but did not seem to indicate I should be in a panic. He said that I had a mild cataract condition that would some day require treatment, but all was fine for now. Also, there was some condition of the macula (the back of the eye) that showed minor scarring and asked me to consider that this condition may stay stable and cause no harm, but also to be aware this condition could at any time flare up and be capable of causing serious eye damage.

There were a lot of "ifs" in this conversation and the doctor didn't convey any worry to me until he told me that he wanted to see me once a month from then on!

I left the clinic with my news on this "condition" determined to hit the internet as soon as I got home in order to research the info given me by the doctor.

Exactly one week later I awoke in the morning, got up as usual and went about my business. Mid morning I suddenly noticed a dark reddish brown stream of something flowing across the vision of my right eye. It looked exactly the same as if one had dropped a couple of drops of dye in a glass of water as the stream waved across my eye and gradually faded about 10 minutes later. I was afraid it was blood, but relieved that it had stopped so soon. I called the clinic and they told me to come in as soon as possible, no appointment necessary. The next morning I awoke and prepared myself to get on down to the VA hospital. While moving about the house, I kept taking my glasses off to clean them as it appeared that there was a smudge on the right lens but I could not get it off.

It was at this moment, as I was holding my glasses and cleaning them, that I was shocked to see the smudge was still in front of my eye without the glasses! In fact, this blurred area appeared to be a round shape in the center of my vision and seemed to be getting darker while seriously blocking my central eyesight. I noticed that when in bright light the area turned lighter, and when inside a darker room, the spot got darker as well. At night or in a darkened room, the large spot would be completely blocking my vision...the prediction by the spirit was coming true! By the time I got to the clinic I was in a very worried state.

The doctor explained that I had indeed experienced a "bleed" inside my eye, that the vessels were abnormal and unfortunately, there was no cure. Furthermore they didn't even know what causes this condition. My left eye also had minor signs of the same type of deteriation, but seemed at the time to be stable. This was fortunate for me because that remaining 20-20 sight in my left eye would serve me well as the brain naturally "blends" the best of both eyes and the result can be a very usable vision.

Then the doctor, after stating that there was no cure, then informed me that the VA hospital in Houston was, however, participating in an experimental trial of a drug which may be helpful. This drug was formerly a chemo-therapy treatment for cancer, and the working theory was that the drug causes vessels to atrophy, thus starving the cancer tumors. In my case, and others like me, it was hoped that this treatment would cause atrophy of the "bad" eye vessels as well. This in turn would prevent the blood fluids and clots from seeping into the macula of the eye which distorts and scars the macula resulting in blindness.

Well, hell. Why ask? "Of course I'm a volunteer for the treatment", I said, not thinking ahead about how the drug was to be delivered to the macula vessels at the back of the eye. I found that out soon enough though, as the doctor left the office and came back in with a kit containing , you guessed it, the proverbial syringe and needle!

Six months later I began to experience an expansion of the cataract growth in my eyes, and in only a few more months the VA rescued me with surgery on both my eyes, replacing the entire lens with corneal implants. This did nothing for my macular disease, but the fact was, that ghost was quite correct, as between the cataracts and the macular issues I was soon to be quite blind if not for my earned military benefit of free hospitalization through the VA.

So that's the story...once a month for the last 6 years I've gone to the clinic for my injection right into the eyeball. The experimental treatment has now been accepted by the FDA, and this year a newer version of the formula was developed and I am now getting that one. These drugs work well on some people, and not so well on others. Many people regain their eyesight in a year or so and then remain on close watch. Others, like me, go through cycles of improvement, followed by cycles of backtracking. I have lost my sight twice in my right eye, but each time regained a "not quite as good as before" version of sight in that right eye. But they are still working on it, and I am grateful to the VA for the opportunity to be in this experimental program-otherwise I would have been blinded in my right eye in short order. My right eye vision remains stable for now.

I can still drive a car just fine, but experience a great deal of distortion in my bad eye..for instance there are no straight lines, only crooked ones. Circles look like kidney beans, and if I had to depend on my bad eye alone for recognizing people, I would never know who I was talking to except for their voices.

I pray that my left eye will keep up the good work, and I am grateful that I overheard the warning from the spirit about my coming problems, as I did immediately arrange for that doctor appointment after the spirit message.

Oh yeah... I know you want to ask me if the shot hurts. Actually they numb the eye before the shot and there is no real pain. Discomfort yes, for it is just not possible to relax when you see a needle coming toward your eyeball! But it does beat the hell out of going blind!

A meaningful addendum to this story

(Oct 8, 2012) On this day I had made my scheduled monthly visit to my Eye Doctor at the Veterans Hospital in Houston, and as usual, had received the chemo-therapy injection in my right eye. After the deed was done, I made my way past the huge (and busy) front lobby and then out the revolving front door. I quickly noticed in front and to my left, a man stopped by a huge concrete column beside the vehicle loading area. He had a red and white "blindmans cane" and was trying to tap his way around the impediment. I briefly paused, and then those old words of wisdom popped into my mind..."There but for the grace of God, go I". I quickly stepped forward, gently placed my hand on his arm and asked "May I help you get through this traffic area?"

Immediately he stopped and looked straight forward, but said nothing. I sensed that he had maybe not heard me clearly, perhaps due to the automobiles running only feet in front of us. I moved closer to his ear and spoke a little louder.

"Oh yes, please... Thank you very much!" he replied politely and with a smile. He brought his cane to an upright position close to his body with his right hand, and then placed his left hand on my right shoulder as I'm sure he had done with others many times before.

I guided him across the busy traffic and we stepped into the outside lounging area adjacent to the bus loading walkway. I then asked where he needed to go, and once again received no recognition from him. I now realized that not only was he blind, but apparently he had a serious hearing deficit as well. From that point on, I made an effort to speak loudly and up close to his left ear as I conversed.

After repeating my question again, he then told me that he anticipated boarding a certain mini bus which would see to his safe trip home. As we slowly walked to our destination, we chatted just a bit. I told him that I had just been to the eye clinic, and inquired about his apparent injuries.

This fellow was a younger man than I, (I'm guessing late twenties, early thirties), about six feet tall, slender and nicely dressed. A man of African-American ancestry, he spoke to me from behind very dark sunglasses. He wore a dark colored beret on his head and sported a jacket with military patches. He spoke with a gentle voice, and told me that he now lived in a "whole new world". An explosion in middle east action had been the cause of his terrible injuries.

Our conversation was brief as we didn't really have far to walk. During this short visit, he did not offer a single complaint or any remark at all about what surely must have been a shocking change in his life.

But the real surprise was yet to come. As we stopped at the precise spot where his transportation was to pick him up, I inquired as to how he would know when the bus had arrived. He stated that the drivers had a prepared list and they would seek him out personally and not leave without him. Then he turned a quarter turn towards me, and as I faced him looking directly into his dark glasses, he raised his right hand slowly and stopped in front of me as an obvious invitation to grasp that hand. I offered my hand, and there we stood, face to face, this gentle man clasping my hand in front of our chests.

He then reached up with his left hand, removed his beret in a tightly clenched fist, and held it to his side as he began to speak... "Our father, great creator, and source of unlimited love and grace; I ask you today to bless this gentleman, his family...." and on he went. The prayer was remarkably beautiful and poetic.

I was rendered speechless. For a second, I just could not register in my brain what he was doing. Here I was standing in front of this beautiful soul, grasping his hand, and listening to him say a prayer for me. For ME!? How could a blind and nearly deaf man, who had lost two of his most precious lifes senses be so gracious as to take this much spiritual time for a stranger who had only given him a mere moment of time out of this day?

He concluded his prayer, gave a big smile as he put his beret back on, thanked me and said his good-bye. I returned the farewell and thanked him for the prayer and went on my way.

I was stunned. I was humbled. I swore to never, ever, complain about anything again! EVER! This was certainly to be one of my life's mysterious and more meaningful memories; a virtual three or four minute composite of wisdom of the ages, and all from a chance meeting of a complete stranger. I'll probably be meditating on the spiritual ramifications of this synchronistic meeting for some time.

I'll not forget him, and I hope I'll see him again at the VA hospital. But probably not...these kinds of things only happen once.

Blessings, RICH