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Amazing story of cancer SURVIVOR sent home to die by the medical establishment.This woman's story is a powerful story of victory over the medical tyranny that has taken over this country! Listen to her story of non-medical alternative treatment that cured her!


Photos of Mars

What are they hiding!

Secrets Mars Base and Time Travel

as told by whistleblowers

Sgt. Clifford Stone is unique among those experiencing and investigating UFO phenomenon. He spent 22 years in the US Army as a part of an elite and secret group that was rapidly dispatched to crash sites to recover UFO or ET craft, bodies, and artifacts.. Stone has said the US Government has cataloged at least 57 Alien species. SEE INTERVIEW

ALIEN VISITATION (a personal experience)

In the spring of 2015, I had spent some time trying EVP recording method to communicate with aliens . I had some success in the past with alien communication, but at that time used more sophisticated computer techniques . This time was just a simple experiment with a student. We had no success in a couple of these sessions at this time. However, a few days after the sessions, I awoke about 3 AM and found myself facing a tall Grey alien at the foot of my bed. He was staring at me, and leaned forward a little towards me as his left

hand seemed to be resting on the end of the bed. I was curious about his hands, but his right hand was concealed by a cloak, or robe, and his hand on the bed was embedded into the bedding, so I could not count his fingers! I tried to get Marys attention as she slept beside me, but she did not respond. The entity, standing by the window, just quietly stared at me as I slowly sat up in bed. He then lifted his hand up from the bed and stood up straight. He seemed to be nearly 6 feet tall, which is somewhat out of the ordinary for most alien reports as they usually describe small beings around 4-5 feet tall. This was obviously the alien species often referred to as the "Tall Aliens".

In the above pictures I have attached two pics which come closest to the appearance of the alien visitor. He looked most like the one on the left, as his skin was extremely wrinkled, except his mouth was not turned down but small and straight like the alien on the right. Also, although his eye sockets were large, while looking at me he seemed to be squinting somewhat. The rear of his head, behind the neck, had a cranial lobe extending down a couple of inches, as if to make room for more "gray matter". The wrinkling of his skin gave me the impression of an elder being.

By this time only 15 or twenty seconds had passed, and I began to get my wits together and was thinking of trying to engage him in some kind of communication. Before I could manage to speak, he turned slowly toward the window, and just seemed to be passing through the curtains and was gone in a second.

The next morning, while looking for something in the bedroom, a voice very clearly spoke to me...the voice seemed to be out loud in the room and not in my mind...but truthfully I really had no way to really be sure which it was. Oddly, the voice said...

" We travel in non-nuclear ships."
"We want to remove all WAR from your planet. Beautiful Planet Earth."
"We need women with ovaries." and finally "Thank you for your courage"
...and that was that!

Richard L. Smith, CHp, webmaster and Paranormal Investigator

Before continuing...

I would like to point out that there is much disagreement amongst researchers on descriptive details of Alien Beings. In the following brief columns I have attempted to summarize the "majority" of opinions. I'm sure some will find fault with whatever anyone attempts to write on this subject. We still have much to learn...If you see an alien Extraterrestrial Entity, let me know. RICH


Next, we'd like to investigate the various theories of "experts" who want us to believe (like Mr Data,) that Aliens are our friends. Or perhaps it's just the opposite? EVIL?which one? LOVING ?


The Alien race known for doing the majority of "abductions", they are described as having no comprehension of human emotions and apparently little regard for human life or the acts of inflicting pain committed during their abduction procedures. They are masters of mind-control and memory erasing technique.

There are, unfortunately, many conflicting accounts describing these beings, although most agree on their perverse and cold nature. Some have considered them as a misunderstood species which is actually trying to better their own existence by hybridizing with humans. Others claim the Greys are trying to warn us of consequences of our lack of attention to caring for our planets ecological needs.

The average height of Greys is between 3 to 4 feet, and some tell of a species looking much the same but a foot taller. These taller ones often seem to be in positions of authority and are commonly observed on UFO ships during abductions.

Another form of Grey is smaller, and always appears to be in a position of servitude, indicating the possibility of some sort of biological servant.

With large heads, small frail looking bodies, and the typical large eyes, they are quite frightening to look at.

It is believed that this species is the one that met with the US government in the 50's and formed some kind of treaty that allowed the aliens access to our planet in exchange for technology. They are often referred to as "Zeta Reticulans."


Edgar Cayce said in his teachings that The Arcturians comprise one of the most advanced civilizations in this entire galaxy. It exists as a fifth-dimensional state whose energy goals are to promote emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for humanity. The Arcturians teach that the sole most important ingredient for living in the fifth dimension is Love. Negativity, fear, guilt, and anger must be overcome and exchanged for Love and Light.

The Arcturians control the gateway through which humans pass during death and rebirth, and functions as a way station for nonphysical consciousness to become accustomed to 3rd density world incarnations on planets such as Earth.

Arcturian leaders are their elders, who are revered by the people of Arcturus for their advanced knowledge, wisdom, and extremely high vibrational frequencies.

Arcturians look very much alike, are short in physical statue, three to four and one half feet tall, and slender. Their eyes are dark, and they posess a very telepathic nature. The average life span is 350 to 400 years, as they no longer must endure any sickness.

The Arturians are perhaps are our best friends in the Galaxy, but are constantly rebuffed in their offers to assist by our war-like leaders of governments on Earth.

The Arcturians stand practically alone as the guardians and protectors of higher consciousness in the universe.


Described as large, nasty tempered,and lizard-like in appearance, the 5-8 feet in height Reptilians are reported to exist in three main types. 1. The Reptoid/Grey cross breeds 2. Reptoid/human crossbreed 3. The "overlords" called the Draco (winged reptilian beings)

These beings are described as powerfully built, with scaly skin, reptile like eyes, and a reddish-brown "comb" often on their head. Depending on the cross breed type, they may or may not have tails. Also the Draco is commonly described as having wings.

These beings are not considered to be friendly at all to humans, in spite of the fact that is is known that they inhabit the lower levels of the secret Dulce Base in New Mexico. It is believed that they favor the consumption of humans, or human blood as food.

MIB (Men In Black)

In early days of UFO/Alien awareness, it was thought that these entities, who often appeared on the doorsteps of wirnesses to UFO sightings and discoveries, were government agents whose intent it was to discourage the divulging of information about the incidents.

Later on, as information began to accumulate on the MIB, it became apparent that they were most likely Reptilian /human hybrids, created so as to not attract much attention to their activities.

Tall and slender, and dressed in black suits with a black hat, they disguised their reptoid appearance. The MIB group is thought to be a Draco Reptilian creation, and completely under the Draco control.


Humanoid-like inhabitants of Lyra (who are said to have a common origin with Earth humans) were driven out of that system several thousand of years ago during the Lyran Wars with Reptillians. It is likely that some of the present day inhabitants of the Lyra constellation may be of reptiloid descent.

During the Lyran wars which are mentioned in several contactee accounts, a mass exodus of humans reportedly left the system and escaped to the Pleiades, the Hyades (which are 130 light-years from earth in the Taurus constellation), and to Vega which is also in Lyra. This region, like our own system, may still be a 'battleground' between waring factions of Aliens.

Lyrans are thought to live on a higher-level plane of existence than earth at this moment in time. There are many Lyrans incarnated on Earth now so as to be of assistance to the Earth and Her peoples during this time of transition.


Known mainly as the legendary creature seen in the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia from November 1966 to December 1967, the creature was popularized in a 1975 book "The Mothman Prophecies" and the 2002 movie of the same name. The Mothman was said to be related to a wide array of supernatural events in the area and the collapse of the Silver Bridge.

Described as largely subterranean, pterodactyloid-like hominoids with bat-like wings, and sometimes possessing owl-like, red eyes. Known to be very intelligent and extremely malignant.

Although referred to as "Mothmen", these creatures (AKA Birdmen and Winged Draco) have been encountered in underground systems near Mountauk Point, Long Island; Point Pleasant, West Virginia; and Dulce, New Mexico.


above: "Semjase"- female Plejaran friend of Billy Meir

Also known as the blond (or in some cases brunette) Nordic type humans based in the Pleiadean systems, which were allegedly colonized by refugees from their former planetary abodes in the Lyra constellation after the wars and invasion by reptiloid entities from Alpha Draconis.

The Pleidians/Plejarans are widely publicized as the friendly Alien group which has befriended Billy Meir, a citizen of Switzerland who claims to be a UFO contactee of this alien group. NEW! Truly one of the most amazing UFO case histories ever. don't miss the following videos with spectacular detailed pics and up-close actual UFOs. Experts confirm all is REAL !! (videos 10 minutes each) click below links

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5-fAZq7mcQ&feature=endscreen
2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCW_TcKrIww&feature=relmfu
3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtiyVoFqB9c

The main Pleiadean planet of 'Erra', was reportedly 'Terra-formed' by the Lyran refugees (Lyra being much nearer to earth--around 30 light years). The Pleiadeans were apparently the first humanoid society to develop hyper-space travel (the U.S. government has reportedly known how to tap-in to hyperspace ever since the Philadelphia Experiments of the 1940's.) The Pleiadeans claim that their technology surpasses our International technology by about 3000 years. This may explain why the humans in Lyra were able to travel the vast distances from this part of the galaxy to colonize the Pleiades, some 430 light-years from Terra-Earth. The Pleiadeans consider themselves to be part of the "ANDROMEDAN COUNCIL" based within some of the planetary systems within the Andromeda constellation.



These Beings have long, narrow faces, with long, large eyes, sharply slanted upward and outward in an almost narrow"V" shape. The Mantis body is extremely thin, with a long torso, and long, thin arms which are usually angled into a sharp bend at the elbow joint. With the hands and fingers sloping almost vertically downward from the "wrist", and legs also bent at an almost right-angle at the mid-joint, the overall effect is referred to as the characteristic "Praying Mantis" look which would undoubtedly be very frightening to a human.

These beings are, of course, not at all an "insect', but rather an intelligent, gentle-spirited, although somewhat "hyper" and jerky-moving, human-like lifeform. Praying Mantis beings are gifted with the Spiritual Teachings, and visit Humans particularly when this kind of help is needed. These beings often are seen cloak-like wearing garments that are very shiny, and have been reported seen with other entities in alien craft. It is generally thought that they might be in those positions as "monitors" with the responsibility of seeing that Universal Law is upheld.

Perhaps the cloaks are worn to reduce the fear reaction in humans when confronted with the Praying Mantis beings.