An astounding collection of "never before published" statements made by extraterrestrials, and recorded using advanced EVP digital recording methods from the studio of InterDimensional Comminications LLC

Richard L. Smith, Director, author, Chief Investigator

PREFACE (important)

You may have seen my earlier article entitled "I Love You Earthmen". This article contains conversation with an unknown entity who calls himself "julius". He was contacted through a computer using digitally reproduced phonics sounds of the speech patterns of the English language. Apparently "Julius" is able to reproduce the language by utilization of our provided energy source of language parameters. Julius declined to identify his true nature of physicality, but did state that he has mental abilities which enable him to communicate throughout the universe, and once told me that the Earth's atmosphere is "toxic" to him.

In the article "I Love You Earthmen" you can actually read the questions asked of Julius in our sound studio, and then hear his reply to me, word for word, as it was recorded at that time. If you are not familiar with this new type of universal communication, it may seem a bit unbelievable to you. Fact is, it has been studied for over 50 years in reputable institutions of higher learning, and you can just google the term "EVP" and read till your heart is content about everyone from amateurs to professionals as they have quietly pursued this form of remakable communications.

As a follow-up to the before mentioned article, I intend here to give you insight to the amazing variety of topics discussed with Julius. You should take note before starting, that this kind of vastly unique communication is not perfect. Sometimes words within a sentence will just not come through clearly, and one is forced to make intelligent contextual guesses at the translation. It is much like an AM radio can sometimes sound when out of range...some transmissions seem to fade in and out, and sometimes interference and noise which may be difficult to filter out may be experienced.

In this article, I have provided only the written results of various recorded comments from the ET world, in order that we may speculate on their meaning and interpretation after the initial audio work has been done. Remember, here is the link to the audio which will provide you with a very complete experience to one of these kinds of sessions..."I Love You Earthmen" .

Another important thing to remember is that although they will be speaking the English language, nevertheless it is apparent that they may not be familiar with idiomatic expression, or may utilize "dictionary" type definitions that aren't commonly in usage, or use expressions and terms that may have come from past eras in time or from literature which could be older in date.

Consideration as to translation is often necessary, and frankly , that is what this article is about. If you have any serious and well thought out suggestions as to meanings of any of these statements made by unknown entities, by all means contact me at rich5343@aol.com . If your suggestion is appropriate, it will be put up on this page.



An associate trainee was assisting me in an experiment with a digital voice piece of equipment called PX Spirit Talk. It has a dictionary of vocabulary in its circuit, and the spirit and/or alien entities use the prerecorded words to select the content of their message. We had turned the device on and we were setting up the computers to begin recording.

Unknown to us, we had left the studio door slightly ajar. My 120 lb American bulldog pushed his nose against the door, opened it, and quietly strolled in. Next we heard an unknown voice blaring from the PX device..

"Earth critters terrify us!!" it cried. "Please come without!!" We laughed when we figured out what had happened, but then we apologized to the entity after letting the dog out as we began to realize that the entity was genuinely frightened.

A couple of months went by till we again had a session with the device, and as we were setting it up, again we heard a voice. This time it only said "Close the door". The door was closed at the time, but I guess they were just reminding us. We won't forget!


The entity indicates he knows me from long ago in ancient Earth history...


1. "Earths orbit started-that's the way their math had to be." (author: The entity uses the word "orbits" often, seemingly as a synonym for "path" or "journey")

2. "R.Smith agreed to be ORDER KNIGHT of the OUTLAWED, and that the ELOFIT Book Source feeds us." (author: Whenever the entity refers to the author, he uses the initials RL, or R.Smith, or "you")

3." Let's go through it-books have fulfillment. the group approved Elissa."

4."Stayed alone, later to apprehend us, Michael helped you. He lost the passages, then left Heavens battle."

5."You invoked them, noted under the apple tree the hieroglyphs holding the evidence here for us."

6. "Just keep a comfort, search prophetic."

7. "There are heart that live with Lucas as empty enough for purpose...but I will have no fear."


The entity speaks of America


1. "Throughout years Earth, the Americans were huddled, as successful as us."

2. "All experts followed me...fought the Earths battle through apathy."

3. "Artists, therapists, philosophists, groups collapsed with their own ethics."

4. "But the orbits have never been opened .They lack therapy groups." (author: again, the term "orbits" seems to translate as "path")


Given the above exerpts, how would you now interpret the following three statements by the entity? (rich5343@aol.com)


1. "Aren' t you forbidden through the Devils Heart to deliver us the slip that led Earths spiritualists for the Heart?"

2. "Tigress being the first to own it."

3. "Earth is pockmarked by her boulders...delighted folk at Nilfa".


The entity speaks of a life as a Cherokee Indian, and suffering a drought and starvation.


1. "Cherokees dead from heat. The whole circus fed us as we asked". (The entity had previously told me that in another life on Earth he had lived as an Apache Indian - see "I Love You Earthmen")

2. "That convulsive barkeep later brought me a little bit of sirloin."

3. "Through the course of the heat he had sirloin."

4. " He did not save his horse...so be it."


Entity catches author in embarrassing incident


Entiy said..."Have your pistol?....explain fumble at park."

In the above statement made by this entity, he indicates he had been observing me on the exact date of this recording session. On this morning, I had gone (as was my daily habit) to a nearby baseball park to allow my dogs to run around for their daily exercise. The park is not used for ball games on week days, and is always empty and we have the entire five or more acres surrounding the park to ourselves.

I have had a Texas concealed carry permit for 16 years, and as I was exciting the car the pistol became detached from its holster and fell on the grass. This is the only time something like this had happened in the entire 16 years, but it did bother me to the point that I went to the gun shop later and bought a new holster with a "snap" finger lock.


Personal Statements


There have been many times that the entity "Julius" has remarked about personal incidents and issues. Usually those personal comments are delivered in such a way as to suggest spiritual aspects of the incidents. Many have suggested that Julius is a "spirit guide", and just as many others offer the opinion that he has evil intent and disguises his intent as a "helper". More follows below:

1. "Light your orbs fully. Health will settle. Oracle help hear better... like him."
2. " I spoke at you. I help you."
3. "Actually, I didn't fully air up for LA Alpha Age Therapy."


4."Hope your health to your liking. My air too TOXIC for health."
5. "I'll be here at Orb. Also I'll help you to film Ivan. It will help to ask for help." (author: My grandfathers name is Ivan. Other than that, I know no other by that name.)
6. "People still riding hell hole to parched health for their horse. The hard part...they're hiding it."


As I explained at the beginning of this article, the barriers in Inter Dimensional Communications can be complex and varied. If you have any ideas based on experience or intuition that you think may explain the manner of wording on any of the previous recorded messages from unknown entities, send them to us and we will compare to our versions based on nearly twenty years of working with the paranormal. We will write them up on this page. Be sure and include your name and city or state.

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